What our guests have to say

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“I can’t tell you how much my family enjoyed our Rogue River adventure. You helped transform my kids into lovers of the outdoors. Your guides were outstanding and there really aren’t words to express how professional and personable there all were. Thank you.”
Schwartz family, Miami, Florida.

“Our Rogue River trip was an incredible transformative adventure for all of us. You were very helpful and attentive to our families needs and your staff was engaging, informative, and lots of fun.”
Adler family, Portland, OR

“We appreciated your knowledge of the river and willingness to share its beauty. You were all so positive and fun and we loved spending time with you.”
Halpern family, Santa Rosa, CA

“You guys were great. This river trip was one of the all time best things I’ve ever done!”
Alan Little, Hughson, CA

“I really appreciated the guides amazing knowledge of the river and wildlife, their great attitudes, and your priority on trip safety.”
Rick Potter, Vancouver, WA

“In addition to the river itself, I was impressed by how each guide connected with all of the guests. Your easygoing openness and friendliness was very enjoyable and reassuring.”
Courtney and Charles Searls-Ridge, Seattle, WA

“The guides and fellow guests on this trip were fantastic. I loved the views of the river from the hiking trails.”
Annissa Deshpande, San Gabriel, CA

“We felt safe on the river and our guides made sure that all levels of kayaking skill were supported. The food was delicious and the trip was relaxing and fun.”
Sharon Kuck, Washington DC.

“We loved everything…the river, the food, the quality of the guides, everything!”
Robert and Linda Martelli, Hughson, CA

“Basically I love everything that you do. I feel that your company provides first class service, from the pre-trip organization to the guides you hire. The guides work tirelessly. They all have an upbeat and positive attitude and their willingness to make a trip enjoyable for everyone seems to be first and for most, it’s amazing. Another highlight is the pre-trip communications and phone call from Jim. It’s always nice to hear his voice and finalize any information prior to the trip. Also, bringing gear to our lodging the night before is also great as it helps the morning at the put-in run smoother.”
Francesca Pardo, Baltimore MD

“There was a lot to love about the trip, so it’s hard to say what I enjoyed the most, but I’d say it was the guides and the food and the IKs. The guides obviously love the river, their jobs, each other, and providing a good time for guests, and they set a fun and relaxed tone for the entire trip. They helped me feel safe and confident in the water and helped me realize how much I love whitewater. I tend to be health-conscious, so I appreciated how they emphasized washing hands (especially in their light-hearted but serious way). In regards to the food: I was a little nervous about what we (vegetarians) would be served, and you blew me away with all of the fresh produce, the creative and healthy menu, and even the garnishes. Thanks to Ross and the other cooks for preparing the special foods.”
Marya Bruning, Seattle, WA

“Next year for absolute certain I want to run the Rogue with your team–it was the BEST trip ever–and I want to do the trip at least once –hopefully twice. I have a number of great folks to bring with me. We all felt very comfortable with you guys! Thanks Jim. Blessings to you, Pamela, Anya and Hawken. You guys rock!”
Christina Hurn; Pasadena, CA

“I was on the Rogue River trip 8/11-8/14 and just wanted to say how awesome the Rogue River Journeys’ crew is! I had so much fun and your guides are so professional and welcoming. Thanks!”
Miles Hudson; Orinda, CA

“We had a fantastic time and your team of Phil, Anya, Ryan, Creatch, and Lucas did a first rate job with our gang. With 12 kids under 13 years old, I’ll bet you passed us off to the 8th grade teacher strategically! The team was competent, professional, and, not to be forgotten, a lot of fun; thanks for putting them together for us. As an aside, your daughter is very impressive, of which I’m sure you and your wife are aware and proud. Our young ones (primarily Emily, Jacqueline, Kendall, and Rina) were glued to her the whole trip and she was a saint with them. As one of the moms said at some point, you look at some 17 year olds and wonder if they are ready for the next step of their lives (like college) and Anya most certainly is. She is not only very capable with a raft full of clients in the white water (as she knows, I watched from the rocks above the Picket Fence with misguided trepidation as she navigated the raft with Emily, Jacqueline, Kendall, and Rina through the top of Blossom– she handled with absolutely no problem), but mature and responsible beyond her years. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the summer. If you have potential guests ever looking for a reference on your operation, feel free to send them my way.”
Andy and Laura Ford; Lake Oswego, OR

“Thank YOU Jim…..I had a fabulous time! I have lots of pictures up on my FB page and my friends are jealous! Send a friend request if you’d like to see them! I told my husband that I’d love to do another trip up there with your group…..so, hopefully we will. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer. I have a million things to do before I leave for NC Tuesday……eeks! I’m looking forward to getting the picture disc! Thanks so much again, the trip was flawless (I think we even needed the mouse, just to have one crazy, unplanned part of the adventure!) Happy journeys on the river.”
Laura Huffman; Pasadena, CA

“I have paddled with Rogue River Journeys and Phil and Mary DeRiemer several times. You run a great trip, have a great crew who are well organized with a fun, professional attitude.”
Jeff Donaldson; Redmond, OR

“We came on the trip because friends from Texas referred us to you. The trip was excellent. Thanks for your outstanding service.”
Jeff and Cindy Gollomp; Bellaire, Texas

“I could go on about the trip for quite a while. I really like the river, the people, the scenery, the abundant wildlife, the duckies and your outstanding guides.”
Sue Coulter; Snohomish, WA

“We really liked the different boat choices, the guides, the other guests on the trip, the food, and the peaceful relaxation that the Rogue offers.”
Sam and Frances Rich; Bayside, CA

“Your staff was professional and pampered us and at the same time were like old friends by the end of the trip. It was fun to watch a few of the guests who were tense and really needed a vacation and by the end of the trip, they were very relaxed. Thanks again and see you again.”
Mike Thiel; Eureka, CA

“We liked our time on the river, Paradise Lodge, the excellent guides and the wonderful people on the trip. We also enjoyed the interpretive programs and games that you offered.”
Bob and Lee Anderson; Willow Creek, CA

“You have this trip down really well. The trip was extremely relaxing, casual and quiet. The river scenery was incredible.”
Scott and Debi Kroman; Altadena, CA

“This was our third trip with you on the Rogue. The trip was awesome. We enjoyed the new menu, the early season wildlife, the incredible hospitality of the guides and the good feeling of the group.”
Greg and Kristen Schmidt; McKinleyville, CA

“Thank you for putting together a wonderful, memorable and fun adventure for me and my girlfriends. We always felt well taken care of, safe and the hiking was the best. The Rogue is a beautiful place, so remote and such different terrain as we went downstream.”
Joyce Foster; Pasadena, CA

“We had a great vacation. You did an outstanding job and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I especially appreciated the relaxation at the time, as I was in the middle of a major change in my role at work and welcomed the chance to focus on something else for a change.”
Tim Triche; Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you again for a wonderful trip. We had been anticipating our trip for quite a while. It was absolutely the best. We did not want it to end. The food, the gear, the guides are all top notch. We could have a little solitude when we wanted it and also plenty of family fun too. Thank you for sharing your business and family with us. We had a blast!”
Mike Vina; McKinleyville, CA

“My family had a wonderful time rafting with you all. They can’t stop talking about how good the food was. Thanks for showing them such a good time. Marco is insisting that we do it again so that my youngest daughter and I can go!”
Ashley DiMayorca; Summit, NJ

“Thank you for all of your great support. Your work in the office is so thorough and personable. The crew is fantastic, cheerful, competent, supportive, positive and knowledgeable.”
Phil & Mary DeRiemer, DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking

“A quick note to tell you what a fantastic trip I had on the Rogue and how impressive I found your operation. Three nights on the river proved the perfect escape–I returned to Los Angeles with renewed energy and spirit! My best to you and your organization.”
Tony Williams; Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how fabulous our trip was. What an experience! The Rogue River is a beautiful area and this was an adventure that Scott and I will always remember. We most definitely will be recommending Rogue River Journeys to our friends and family. Thank you.”
Jan Tucker; Penngrove, CA

“The trip was fantastic! The guides, the food, the whole experience went beyond our expectations. Thanks for running such a professional and attentive operation!”
Dan Landon; North Bend, WA

“Mike and I would like to thank you and your entire crew for a great trip on the Rogue. It was an incredible experience for us. I promise you that we will be back, hopefully with more people from the East Coast. You all made the trip quite memorable.”
Helen Shafer; Rochester, NY

“The trip was both adventurous and safe for all of us, including our 5 year old niece and 75 year old mother. We enjoyed the people and the camaraderie. The food was excellent and your service was great!”
Carolyn Stewart; Kamuela, HI

“Just wanted to say we had such a blast, it was by far one of the funnest experiences of my life! The river was beautiful, the guides awesome, and the food excellent. I can’t wait to do it again!”
Jeanelle Hardin; San Francisco, CA

“Our trip was perfect and we could not have had a better time. We loved kayaking, the river, camping out, the food and especially the guides. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.”
Cathy Thompson; Houston, TX

“The cooperation and unity between the guides and the families that you served was outstanding. We all felt like a family. We have never been so spoiled! Thanks.”
Franz, Marjie and Anne Lattka; Susanville, CA

“The guides were super courteous and professional. The thank you note and photo CD that you sent was a nice touch.”
Paul Kirste, San Pedro, CA

“The trip was so smooth and fun. The guides were all very capable and generous and very focused on customer service.”
Ed Roseboom, Palo Alto, CA

“The guides were serious and skilled, but also fun and entertaining. The trip was incredible–great scenery, beautiful camp spots and delicious and plentiful food.”
Heather Hill and Scott Allard, Chicago, IL

“Your guides had excellent personalities, easy, fun and helpful! The wine tasting was great and I learned about the wines of the region.”
Bird Lew, Truckee, CA

“It was easy to let go and have fun in one of the most beautiful places in the west.”
Jim and Susan Murphy, Yorktown, VA

“I have so many favorite parts about the trip that it is hard to pick one–new people to boat with, the wildlife sightings, Mule Creek Canyon, Blossom Bar. The RRJ crew does a great job.”
Giny Chandler, Ukiah, CA

“We would enjoy any trip with Rogue River Journeys. The Rogue is a beautiful river with its variation of calm water to enjoy the scenery, and the exciting rapids. We enjoyed seeing other things besides the river, hearing stories about the area. The guides really made the trip special.”
Scott and Jan Tucker, Penngrove, CA