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In 2018… After three years of working hand-in-hand with our sister company, Indigo Creek Outfitters, the two companies are merging together and will be operating under the Indigo Creek brand name. We’ll have the same guides, same management, same boats, and hopefully the same great customers who’ve come back year after year. The owners of Indigo Creek, Will and Julie, have managed Rogue River Journeys the past few years so this transition will be seamless. We’re looking forward to sharing a “Rogue River Journey” with you!

Below is the history of Rogue River Journeys. You can learn about Indigo Creek Outfitters’ story here >>>

Rogue River Journeys is a small, family-run whitewater rafting outfitter based in Ashland, Oregon. We have outfitted rafting vacations on Oregon’s Wild & Scenic Rogue River since 1986 and are privileged to have shared our experience with thousands of guests, many of whom now return year after year. Our history in the outfitting industry dates past our Rogue River days, however. We’ve been running rivers and working in this industry since 1972. From California’s Tuolumne, Kern, Stanislaus, and East Carson; to Idaho’s Middle Fork and Main Salmon; and all the way north to British Columbia’s Frasier – our guides and founders have explored many of the West’s numerous river systems. In the 1980’s, our company – then called Outdoor Adventures – operated on over 20 different rivers.

Over time we lost some our favorite rivers to dams, crowds, or over-development. We transitioned from a large company to one that concentrates on the three most sought-after trips in the west: the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Main Salmon and Rogue River. Our business now focuses on the places we hold dear to our hearts – namely designated Wild & Scenic Rivers and Wilderness Areas that offer a protection to the landscape we travel. On the three rivers we operate now, these designations are not simply waxing poetry. These are truly wild places, relatively untouched by modern man, and are surrounded by immense, remote wilderness. These are the places we are drawn to, not only to share with others, but also to rediscover our own sense of adventure.

On a river vacation with Rogue River Journeys, you will discover these places for yourself as our guides share with you their passion and total appreciation for the wild Rogue. It is our hope that you will find that passion in yourself as well, and that you will return with friends and family to share your experience. Rivers are constantly changing and there are always new things to see; so whether you are joining us for the first time or the 20th, the experience never grows old. Even though we have been outfitting here since 1986, we are still discovering magical places on every trip.

The Rogue River Journeys crew is made up of the finest guides in the outfitting industry. Many of them have been part of our river family for over 20 years and look to their fellow crew members as some of the closest friends one could have. Our company’s culture encourages our crew to take an active role in improving our operations and service standards, thus we are always leading the industry forward, rather than following someone else. We are proud and fortunate to have such a wonderful crew of guides.

Our customers come from varied backgrounds but are drawn to the river for the same reasons: to spend time with friends and family and to connect with a place that will leave a lasting impression. On your Rogue River Journey, you’ll find that and so much more. You’ll lose track of time, have countless smiles, and best of all, reconnect with the people in your life who matter most. We are ready and eager to share this remarkable river canyon with you. Please join us.

All the best,

Will Volpert
Outfitter and Guide

Our rafting season on the Rogue River starts in May and goes to mid-October. During the peak of the summer we offer trips at least once a week.

Dates and Prices

• Our amazing crew of guides are fun, educated, and enhance your river trip with their knowledge of the Rogue River. Safety is always first and there’s no substitute for experience.

• Everything you need for your trip is included. Our trips are all-inclusive. All you need to bring is your toothbrush and some clothes, we’ll take care of the rest.

• Extra-comfortable camping that will forever change your perspective of sleeping under the stars. Not only do we do all the heavy lifting (we set up camp ahead of our groups), we also provide you with high quality camping equipment – large tents, thick sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.

• When you have the best dining room on Earth you might as well serve the best food possible. Our menu showcases delicious plates of regionally sourced food.

• We love the Rogue and it shows. We are stewards of the Rogue River and are active in protecting this magnificent watershed. We support local conservation groups and our trips follow the Leave No Trace ethic.

• Most importantly, we have fun and love sharing the Rogue River with our guests.

Space is limited – reservations are necessary to save your space on our trips. A deposit of $250 per person will save your seat, with the balance due 60 days prior to trip departure.

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